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148,7 demanding kilometers in total, the 20° Trofeo Edile C consisted of two parts: The first seven rounds had to be ridden on a 12,6 kilometers course, bevor the race went on to a more selective section were the remaining four rounds – totalling 60,9 kilometers – took place.

Our five starters Dimitri Bussard, Mike Egger, Eric Süßemilch, Max Valtey as well as Max Wörner worked hard and did a fine job on the windy course despite the race's tumultuous and eliminative character from the very beginning.

The key moment came after about 100 k, when the remaining riders had arrived at the second part of the course: The peloton was basically ripped apart while more and more riders – part of our team among them – lost contact and during the following gruelling kilometers at the latest had to abandon.

Eric Süßemilch, who had already participated in several Italian races in the past, held his ground within a small group. He finished 49th (+2:24), after the main field including the race winner and significantly before the second peloton (+4:44).


race facts: 200 registered 197 started; 111 DNF; 86 arrived.
winning time: 3h 43min 15sec; course: 148,7 k; average speed: 39,964 k/h;
podium: 1. Vincenzo Albanese; 2. Leonardo Bonifazio, 3. Gianluca Milani